Sign Boat

Through the beautiful canals of Amsterdam

I am Rudy, the creator and founder of the Sign Boat.

I grew up loving everything to do with boats, so it didn't surprise anyone that one day I got a boat of my own. But then was the question of the name...... The 'Sign-Boat' was the first thing that came to mind, and I received al lot of positive response to it. Not long after getting the Sign Boat, I planned to do someting with it for benefit of the deaf- and hearing impaired.

There a lot of canal tourboats in Amsterdam but the audio tours that are being used are very hard to hear and also quite limited. That's when I got the idea of developing customized canal tours, using sign language.

Amsterdam has become 'my' city, and over the years I've learned a lot about its history. This beautiful city was just waiting for my boat!

I have planned the most beautiful tours through the canals and on these tours, you will be seing the 'real' Amsterdam. My target audience are the deaf- and the hearing impaired from all around the world. But their hearing companions are very welcome of course. I hope to see you soon!

Ship ahoy, Rudy...….