Welcome to the launch of my new website and logo...!

See Amsterdam's famous sites from the Sign-Boat (Gebarenboot) on a canal tour lasting one,two or three hours. Or would you rather like to spend the whole day? Anything is possible! You book the Sign-Boat with me, for any duration, including the capitain.

In two hour you can do a magnificent tour through te most beautiful canals of Amsterdam. Did you know the city has more than a 100 kilometers of canals and waterways? We won't be covering all those kilometers. I'll select all the impressions: You'll never forget Amsterdam after this tour...!

Or would you rather lime a three hour tour? That's also possible, and of course you'll see even more. A stop along the way is also possible, if you would like a refreshment at one of Amsterdam's may waterside bars.

My canal tour is also a nice opportunity to get tot know new people!

Would you like to join me on a tour...?

(The Sign-Boat seats has a maximum of 8)